DK Longhorns

DK Longhorns

DK Longhorns
1964 Fir Avenue
Rock Rapids, IA 51246-7792

Phone: (712) 473-2217, (605) 201-5422

Contact: Darwin & Renee Klarenbeek

With a desire to own a few longhorns for admiration, we purchased our first longhorns in spring of 2009.
Since then we have added a few foundation cows, calved a few and the Texas Longhorn herd is growing.
We are continually striving to improve the genetics of our herd. We are very selective in our pedigrees,
color patterns, conformation, dispositions, and hopefully with the right matings our horns will continue to grow.

In 2012 we have entered our first 2010 Cow Loofa Palooza in the Horn Showcase. This is a Tempter x Boloof breeding.
We are very pleased with her results.
She took third in her division for total horn, tip to tip and composite at 18 months old.

We met alot of people and had a great time doing it.

We strive to raise exceptional longhorns with the complete package, and just have plain fun doing it.
Disposition ~ Color ~ Confirmation ~ and of course HORNS!