Haltom Hollar Ranch

Haltom Hollar Ranch

James & Lynette Haltom
Haltom Hollar Ranch
310 Don Minton Road
London, KY  40741

Cell Phone:  (606) 224-9144
Home Phone:  (606) 877-8698
Email:  lynettehaltom@outlook.com
URL:  www.haltomhollar.com


At Haltom Hollar Ranch we are designing a specific type of breeding stock that will help our customers be successful with their Texas Longhorn business.  The most valuable longhorns on the market usually have lateral horns with a twist, are medium to large framed with correct conformation and have eye catching color.  We carefully select bulls to breed to our foundation females to produce offspring with these traits.

The horn genetics are also very important.  Every generation is stacked with more 90” and 100” tip-to-tip animals in their pedigrees.  However, the animals we select to add in our pedigrees must have twist genetics in their background.  We are now at a point where most of the calves we’ve bred will likely be in the 80” tip-to-tip range at maturity.

Our goal now is to breed 90” tip-to-tip females.  To accomplish that goal our cows are implanted with heifer sexed embryos out of our top-of-the-line cows or AI’d with heifer sexed semen out of outstanding bulls.  By utilizing reproductive technology we can breed the best of the best to create exciting genetics.

DNA testing is very important to us and we’ve been doing it for years.  Every animal in our herd is DNA tested with their markers on file with the TLBAA.  In addition, although we have never had an animal with Johne’s we still test them for a clean bill of health.  By going this extra mile we can eliminate any doubt by proving their genetics and health.

We are vigilant with their vaccinations, deworming and fly control.  We also ensure they are in top body condition all year by providing an abundance of high quality protein tubs, lose minerals, mineral blocks, salt and a custom beef mixture.  Our Kentucky grass is lush in the warmer months and in winter they have an abundance of good quality hay.

We are known for feeding our longhorns lemon cookies.  We call it “cookie training” and it starts at an early age.  This is how we get them so tame.  When visitors come to see our Texas Longhorns we take packages of cookies out with us to hand feed them.  It makes their experience memorable.

We love to talk to people about these magnificent animals.  We’ll share how we’ve become successful in a relatively short amount of time.  For us, the best way to describe a Texas Longhorn is “they are good for your soul”.