Moriah Farms

Moriah Farms

Moriah Farms
240 Shanes Lane
Weatherford, TX 76087

Phone: (817) 341-4677, (817) 319-9198

Contact: Bernard Lankford

With his old cowboy hat lightly dusted with dirt and his trademark denim shirt, Bernard Lankford is hard to miss at Longhorn sales and events. He doesn’t just go for the Longhorns though; he also enjoys the people, the atmosphere and the fellowship.

“The people that you meet and associate with, in a rural setting, are a different kind of people,” Lankford said. “Their hand shake is good. They love the land and the animals and that’s the way I feel.”
Lankford makes his home at Moriah Farms, a 131-acre farm southwest of Weatherford, Texas. Named after Mount Moriah, the site of the temple mount in Jerusalem, Moriah Farms is highlighted with gentle hills and lush green pastures instilled with a sense of peace and solitude.

Moriah Farms is also the home of Lankford’s herd sire Leonidas – a 1998 son of Coach and W5 Flower Garden. Lankford bought Leonidas via private treaty in 2003 from Red McCombs in Johnson City, Texas. As the senior herd sire, he currently services Lankford’s main cow herd. Besides being a direct son of Coach, Leonidas is also a grandson of Don Juan of Christine and Miss Redmac 256. Leonidas’ dam, W5 Flower Garden bred by Frank Anderson, Jr, is a granddaughter of the famous Monarch 103.