Qualifications for Registered Texas Longhorn Beef Producers

This listing enables consumers interested in Registered Texas Longhorn Beef a direct connection to purchase Registered Texas Longhorn Beef from your ranch or farm, cutting out the middleman and connecting consumers with a new choice. A web link and or email and contact information will be provided to interested customers for an easy connection to your farm or ranch. Those on the list will also receive 150 beef brochures free of charge. Additional brochures may be ordered at a discounted rate of 12 cents each.

To be included on the Producers List:

  1. Beef animals must come from registered breeding animals. (i.e. Dam and Sire must be registered under TLBAA)
  2. Yearly Fee of $75
  3. Must follow all local,state and national health requirements for processing animals.
  4. As most programs in the Longhorn Breed, the honor system is in full effect.  Once a grievance has been filled a full investigation will be conducted by an appointed entity/person voted by the Beef Committee or Ethics Committee.  If fouls are found immediate dismissal from the Texas Longhorn Lean Beef program will be done.
    • A $250 fee will be applied if the producer decides to contest the decision by the Texas Lean Beef committee.
    • A third party will decide the final decision appointed by the committee.