The Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA) is a nonprofit organization working to protect the integrity of the Texas Longhorn by providing guidelines for desirable breeding practices, promoting public awareness of the breed, advancing the scientific knowledge of historical and future breeding practices, recognizing breeders and increasing the number of breeders registered with the organization. The goal of the TLBAA is to preserve the legacy and distinct characteristics of the Texas Longhorn while ensuring its purity and posterity.

The TLBAA is an organization made up of Texas Longhorn enthusiasts who’ve made it their life’s work to protect the cultural heritage, pedigree, research and breeding practices of the Texas Longhorn and to increase the public’s knowledge of this exceptional breed of cattle.

To find out more about the TLBA Foundation and how it currently works to preserve the historic Texas Longhorn breed and its goals for the future, please visit the TLBA Foundation page.