Hacienda PBT, LLC

Hacienda PBT, LLC

Hacienda PBT, LLC

Hacienda PBT, LLC
PO Box 44
1034 Private Road 1501
Edna, TX 77957

Phone: (281) 989-6079, (281) 441-8657
Email: haciendapbt@aol.com
URL: www.haciendapbt.com

Contact: Phil and Brenda Tudyk

Owned and operated by Phil and Brenda M. Tudyk, Hacienda PBT, LLC was created in May 2011.  We currently own 23 acres outside of Edna, TX, which we plan to move to when Phil retires.

Needing to put some type of livestock on the property, we researched different breeds of cattle.  Phil works with someone that also breeds Longhorns, and decided that was the type of cattle he wanted.  We searched the Internet and discovered more information on Longhorn cattle than we thought we would ever need to know.  🙂  Since we are not able to be there with them all the time (even though we share a fence with Phil’s dad and nephew, who feed the fish in the pond and put eyes on the cattle every day we aren’t there), we decided to go with the Texas Longhorn.  They are (for the most part) gentle animals, they eat what most cattle won’t, and they give birth easier than most cattle…which is a major plus.

Having decided on the breed of cattle we wanted, we started the search for a herd.  We were only looking for a few (maybe 3) cows and a bull…since the bull on the property behind us likes to go through fences.  Brenda searched on the internet, while Phil continued to talk with the co-worker.  We finally went and looked at the co-workers cattle that he was offering, and within a week, he gave us a deal we couldn’t pass up…a second heifer and a WS JAMAKIZM son that were not in the original deal.  A few weeks later our herd was being delivered…2 cows (one with a bull calf), 2 heifers and an adult bull to fend off the bull behind us.

Only having 23 acres, for now, we are a small operation, but look forward to meeting new people and making new friends.  Our current focus is on getting the business off the ground and selling the calves.  We are not majorly concerned with any one aspect of the breed, just mostly got into it for the nostalgia of the Texas Longhorn…even though Phil is partial to the Texas twist.

Once our first calf hit the ground on Christmas Eve 2011, we had to start thinking about a brand.  We came up with several ideas, and finally decided on one when the brand we use was brought to our attention.  The sideways J with an R was the brand handed down from Phil’s great, great grandfather on his mom’s side.  This started the search about brands, where we learned that, in this great big state of Texas, the same brand can be registered in different counties.  It just so happened that the registration period was coming up, so we checked into it and found out that the sideways J with an R was not being used in the county our cattle are in…so we registered it and made it the brand for Hacienda PBT, LLC.