J.M.R. Cattle Company

J.M.R. Cattle Company

J.M.R. Cattle Company

J.M.R. Cattle Company
382 Jay Road
Van Alstyne, TX 75495

Phone: (903) 294-8808
Email: vicrodgers@jmrcattlecompany.org
URL: jmrcattlecompany.org

Contact: Vic Rodgers

Offering Quality Registered Replacement Stock and Natural Grass-Fed Texas Longhorn Beef

We have an amazing opportunity to raise Texas’ original grass fed beef, The Texas Longhorn! We raise only Registered Texas Longhorn, with the intent to sell as Grass Fed Beef, Potential Herd Sires, Replacement Heifers, Show Cattle, and of course Pasture Pets.

I find a peace of mind in raising cattle and longhorns are both majestic and therapeutic for me. We picked Registered Texas Longhorn for numerous reasons. One they are iconic in Texas, easy keeps, easy on the land, eat much more than just your typical grass, calf easy, but most of all they are the OTHER RED MEAT!

Our county is currently in an epidemic for obesity, heart diseases, and cancer to name a few, and I feel educating people to eat Longhorn Beef will help with these health issues . While in the military I had many adventures, one left about 40-50 pieces of shrapnel in my left shoulder and back, which I still have today.  I later found out that I had arsenic poisoning from it, which made me really focus on what I ate. As I can not control the metal toxins in my body from shrapnel, I can control what I eat and the toxins in my food. This is why I an very adamant about NO hormones of any type in our beef.

Our goal is to keep the iconic Texas Longhorn pure as a breed, carry and pass on a family tradition, hoping our grandmothers and fathers that are sitting in heaven are  happy there are cows, not buildings on the land they passed down. God Bless America, and of course God Bless Texas!!

Please visit our website to learn more about our program.