TS Adcock Longhorns

TS Adcock Longhorns

TS Adcock Longhorns

Our goal is to produce top quality longhorns with proven genetics for producing long horn, good conformation, lots of color along with good mothering abilities in our cows. We enjoy our cows and are in the pastures with them almost daily so disposition is also a very important trait for us. We especially enjoy taking our kids, grandkids, friends, and anyone else who asks to see them, around our herd. 

The welcome sign is always out here at TS Adcock Longhorns. We love to have visitors and talk about our program. Call us and let’s talk Texas longhorns!

Visit our website to learn more or give us a call to talk Longhorns!

Terry & Sherri Adcock

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806-759-7486 Terry

806-759-7199 Sherri