Honor a Trailblazer through the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame

Honor a Trailblazer through the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame

Honor a Trailblazer through the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame

Old Herd Photo TLBAA ArchivesDo you know someone who has impacted or influenced the Texas Longhorn breed?

Hard work is common in the cattle industry. However, sometimes people stand out among the ordinarily dedicated. Persons of this caliber deserve recognition. A breed with a history as rich as the Longhorns didn’t get where it is today without the help of some passionate individuals. These are people who have truly shaped the breed by their contributions and commitment. They have urged the breed to move forward, while still remembering the struggles and milestones of where it has been. Now it’s your turn to make a difference by nominating these trailblazers to the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame. Induction to the Hall of Fame is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon someone who has contributed to the Longhorn industry.

The creation of the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame came about with approval from the TLBAA and TLBA Foundation Board of Directors. A Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame Standing Committee will be appointed to review nominations and keep the process organized. All you have to do nominate a deserving person!

Any TLBAA member in good standing may submit a nomination. The nominee must have been an outstanding contributor throughout their life as a breeder or competitor and made an impact on the Texas Longhorn breed. The nominee may be either living or deceased. Once all nominations are in, the Hall of Fame Standing Committee will select inductees by a majority vote. These inductees will later be confirmed by a majority vote of the TLBA Foundation Board.

These important visionaries will be honored during an induction ceremony each year at the Hall of Fame banquet. Inductees will also be showcased in the Texas Longhorn Hall of Fame section of the future TLBA Foundation Museum once the building is complete.

If you know someone who deserves this great honor, please nominate him or her by filling out the form online or download it and submit it to:

Texas Longhorn Fall of Fame Standing Committee
Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America
2315 N. Main Street, Suite 402
Fort Worth, Texas 76164

For more information, please contact Barbara Linke at 817-625-6241 or barbara@tlbaa.org.