Capital Building Campaign

Capital Building Campaign


You can take the Longhorn out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the Longhorn

Long story short, the TLBAA and the city of Fort Worth have a unique opportunity to provide our beloved breed with a permanent world headquarters and museum.  The Stockyards have long been an international destination in a city that was once the last stop for drovers driving cattle up the Chisholm Trail.  Sure, the Texas Longhorn migrated to Oklahoma, Kansas and beyond.  But here in Texas, we have a welcome mat ready right outside a home on land we already own, free and clear.

Join us in preserving the legacy of the one and only Texas Longhorn in Fort Worth, Texas.

Passing Down the Longhorn Legacy

TLBAA has long sought a permanent place to call home, a place where we can continue to serve this peerless cattle breed with goals to:

Recognize the Texas Longhorn as a distinct breed and protect its unique connection with American history;
Promote breeding practices that preserve its purity;
Heighten public awareness of this distinct breed through ongoing education;
Recognize present breeders and encourage others to develop and maintain herds registered with the association to preserve this magnificent breed for posterity;
Aid in advancing scientific knowledge of past ancestry and future breeding of Texas Longhorn cattle;
Conduct such other things that are in the best interest of the breed, non of which shall be for profit.

The TLBAA owns a unique site in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District that has no other background than the cattle industry.  Its past and future are tied to ranches, cattlemen, cattle and cowboys.  TLBAA’s world headquarters and museum will only add to the spirit, energy and rich history of the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Part Business, Part Legacy, All Texas Longhorn

This hybrid facility will move along our day-to-day business and at the same time acquaint the world with a breed that determined the character and occupation of the American cowboy.

Half of the space inside out new 10,000-square-foot home will be dedicated to meeting the important needs of our 3,000 members while managing projects that include sales, events, the Longhorn registry and our exceptional Texas Longhorn Trails magazine.  The other half will be dedicated to telling the riveting story of the Texas Longhorn.  Our welcoming museum will walk you through more than 300 years of Longhorn mystique.  You’ll learn how this iconic breed was responsible for the birth of the American cowboy and the United States cattle industry, how it fed Union soldiers up north after the Civil War, and why it was the heart that pumped life in to the famous Chisholm Trail. Displays focused on the Longhorn’s future will widen your interest even further – on topics ranging from lean beef to breeding to the breathtaking horn structure that always holds our gaze.

Artifacts to interactive educational stations, this will be a museum for Texas neighbors, international visitors, and you.

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