All TLBAA Forms

All TLBAA Forms

DNA & Breeding

Below is the link to a DNA packet with procedures, photo instructions on gathering samples and pricing. Beneath that you can find a link to instructions on ordering test supplies, the first step you need to take for testing through the new lab. If you have any questions, please contact Rick at the TLBAA office at 817-625-6241 or email

Please Note: GGP50K Test has been discontinued, please select the GGP100K Test Form, the Igenity Beef Profile is still available.

UPDATE: DNA services are now available at

AI Certification Forms Packet

Instructions for Ordering NEW DNA Sample Supplies

DNA Testing Price List

Request for DNA Markers Only  Fillable PDF

Request For DNA for Parent Verification  Fillable PDF

Request For DNA GGP100K with Parent Verification  Fillable PDF

A.I. Breeding Certificate – Fill-In and Submit

Embryo Transfer Certificate – Fill-In and Submit

A.I. Breeding & Embryo Transfer Certificate – Print and Mail In

Breeding Table Schedule

Breeding Soundness and Health Evaluation Form

Miniature Reclassification Application


Registration Fee List- Transmittal Form

Registration Application:  Print and Mail In

Registration & Transfer Instructions

Transfer Application:  Print and Mail In
Please include original registration certificate with transfer application

Transfer by Lease Form

Membership & Programs

Membership Application

TLBAA Syndicated Partnerships: Fill-In and Submit    Print and Mail In


Dams of Distinction & Excellence Nomination Form

 2021 Bright Futures Scholarship Application

Board Proposal Form