Education and Research

Education and Research

Extensive research has been published regarding the history and ancestry of the Texas Longhorn breed. By studying the origins of the Texas Longhorn, we can determine the best breeding practices, best practices for disease control, resiliency of this breed in harsh climates and with low food sources, and we can more accurately communicate the various health benefits of Texas Longhorn beef.

An 1896 kinescope of Texas Longhorns, produced by the Thomas Edison Company


More pages, videos and articles regarding the history of the Texas Longhorn:

“Discoveries… America: Moriah Farms” – The history of Texas Longhorns from the viewpoint of an experienced Texas rancher

“Longhorn Cattle Are Prized By The Inch” – An article and story written by John Burnett featured on NPR’s All Things Considered

“Longhorns: A Short History” – A brief history of the Texas Longhorn breed

The Fort Worth Herd – This Fort Worth based non-profit organization works hard to preserve the history of the Texas Longhorn

Published studies regarding the ancestry and genetic diversity of the Texas Longhorn:

“Texas Longhorn Genome Decoded” – An article written by Daniel Oppenheimer, published by the University of Texas – College of Natural Sciences

Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Conservancy – An excellent source for currently published scientific research relating to the Texas Longhorn Breed

“New World Cattle Show Ancestry From Multiple Independent Domestication Events” – A genomic investigation into the ancestry of the cattle brought to the New World by the Spanish, which evolved and adapted to become the Texas Longhorns we know today